What's in it for You

Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Participate in the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

  1. Brides get to meet you! You can deliver your message directly to motivated brides, get feedback, and answer questions on the spot. You get to make a meaningful connection and establish trust during your first contact with her. This face-to-face experience cannot be achieved with any other form of advertising.
  2. We make a massive investment in marketing so you don't have to. You reap the benefits of our multi-media marketing campaigns in platforms such as bridal magazines, wedding planning websites, targeted Facebook ads, radio, direct mail, and more.
  3. No other marketing opportunity can provide this much targeted exposure for such a reasonable investment. It would take weeks or months to reach the hundreds of brides our show can bring you in a single day.
  4. You get to make appointments with qualified brides. Bridal shows are immediate and compelling. The bride can't change the channel, turn the page, or click 'next'. Our couples are ready to buy and we deliver them to you.
  5. You will receive a comprehensive database of registered brides making it easy for you to follow up and track your leads.
  6. You get the opportunity to outshine your competition. This is your opportunity to showcase your products and services with a captivating display. Whether your business is large or small, new or old, home-based or storefront, everybody has the same opportunity for success.
  7. Our show is the ultimate opportunity to network with other local wedding professionals and establish credibility with your peers in the wedding community.
  8. We offer self-paced online exhibitor training tutorials and exclusive show promotions to help you maximize your results and increase your wedding business.
  9. This is where wedding pros and hard-to-reach prospects congregate. At the centrally-located spacious environment of the Colorado Convention Center, we give you the opportunity to observe your competition, stay on top of industry trends, and guide your prospects in planning an intimate affair or a glamorous production.
  10. We are the longest-running and best attended bridal show in Colorado. We are proud members of Bridal Show Producers International, a professional association for bridal show producers and wedding-related service providers that adheres to the highest standards in event production.


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